TEPCO Group TEPCO Ventures, Inc.

Co-create the future of utility.

From the very beginning TEPCO has been an innovator.
Our history has been one of continuous development of new ideas, new technologies and new processes to ensure the
electricity that powers our economy and our daily lives is always flowing.

Today our world is changing faster than ever, and to keep pace with these changes we are at the forefront of decentralization,
storage, the digital gird, and other leading-edge technologies.
With world-wide deregulation, the role of the utility is evolving and expanding. The utility of the future will look very different
than it does today, but we believe the future is electric.
We are working together to create the future of power.

We are TEPCO Ventures.


The forces of digitization, decentralization, decarbonization, liberalization, and depopulation are driving radical change in the energy industry. We at TEPCO Ventures consider these challenges as opportunities to innovate and create new value. With a global outlook, we are building an international team of partners to combine innovative ideas, cutting edge technology, and new business models to create the future of energy together.

Representative Director    Shinji Akatsuka



Company Name

TEPCO Ventures, Inc.

Founded on

May 31, 2018


1-14-1, Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Representative director

Shinji Akatsuka

Capital and capital reserve

2 billion yen (Total business development budget 10 billion yen)

Number of Employees*1



Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. 100%


Creation of start-up ventures and investment, management support of the start-up ventures



*1As of April 1, 2022


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