TEPCO Group TEPCO Ventures, Inc.

Co-create the future of utility.

New ideas. New technologies. Energy-related assets that TEPCO has developed over its long history.
We combine these three components to create innovations in the utility business - a business that is essential for our daily lives.

We do not limit ourselves to the current, rapidly-advancing innovations such as decentralized power sources,
storage batteries or digital technology.
We strive also to use our technology to speedily address contemporary issues such as aging populations, declining birth rates and crime prevention, with a passion to create enterprises that will underpin daily life both at home and abroad.

With ideas and technology at the core, we will create, together with you, the future of utilities.
We are TEPCO Ventures.


Digitization, decentralization, decarbonization, liberalization and depopulation. The environment surrounding energy is changing drastically. We at TEPCO Ventures seize upon such changes as an opportunity to innovate and create new value. With a global outlook, we will build a network together with our partners both in Japan and abroad. Combining ideas and cutting-edge technology, we will continue to forge ahead with overwhelming speed into the future of Utility 3.0.

Representative director    Shinji Akatsuka



Company Name

TEPCO Ventures, Inc.

Founded on

May 31, 2018


1-14-1, Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Representative director

Shinji Akatsuka

Shareholder's equity*1

7.7 billion yen

Number of Employees*2


Investment Ratio

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. 100%


Creation of start-up ventures and investment, management support of the start-up ventures



*1As of July 30, 2018
*2As of July 1, 2018


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