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TEPCO Ventures Invests $2.5M in Vehicle-to-Building Technology Company

Jan 15,2019

TEPCO Ventures has invested in FERMATA ENERGY, the world’s leading V2B commercial business company, and both companies are active in the
EV infrastructure service business

TEPCO Ventures Inc.(TEPCO Ventures, Head Office; Tokyo/Chiyoda-Ku, President and CEO; Shinji Akatsuka)invested US $ 2.5 million in
FERMATA, LLC, dba FERMATA ENERGY (FERMATA, Head Office; Charlottesville, Virginia / David Slutzky, Founder and CEO), the world leader in
the commercial V2B*1. industry.

TEPCO Ventures has been studying the economic opportunities for utilization of Electric Vehicles (EVs) beyond their function as a means of
transportation – considering EV on-board batteries as social assets to be leveraged as EVs become more commonplace. At the same time,
FERMATA ENERGY has become the world’s leading V2B commercial supplier, initially operating in the US. TEPCO Ventures’ investment in FERMATA ENERGY is expected to lead to the establishment of a new business ecosystem in the Japanese market by integrating FERMATA ENERGY’s
business opportunity related to the V2B and the TEPCO Group’s knowledge of the Japanese electric power market. In the future, the two companies will promote business cooperation in areas including services, software and hardware technology,

In FERMATA’s V2B business, municipalities and/or enterprise customers will reduce their peak electricity demand occurring in their buildings by
DCM * 2 services using the on-board batteries of the customer’s electric fleet vehicles, earning money while they are parked (see Fig. 1, Fig. 2).
Meanwhile, power companies can reduce the reserve power required during these peak. V2B pursues a model that allows building owners and
power companies the opportunity to share the benefits of this emerging technology.

* 1 V2B; Vehicle to Building; using bi-directional EV chargers to provide building electricity load management and provide other utility and grid facing services.
* 2 DCM; Demand Charge Management; Service that monitors and manages building load related demand charges

Fig. 1 V2B and DCM Service

Fig2. Image of DCM service and EV Fleet operation

TEPCO Ventures Inc.;
TEPCO Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo Electric Power Holding Co., Ltd., and was established for the purpose of creating new
business development. TEPCO Ventures will create various businesses as an extension of its core utilities business and focus on solving social
issues in the energy field and related areas and foster new business opportunities.
For more information on TV please visit www.tepcoventures.co.jp .

FERMATA ENERGY was established with the aim of resolving cost concerns for potential EV customers in order to accelerate the adoption of EVs.
FERMATA ENERGY will provide EV owners with a revenue model that enables EVs to earn money while they are parked. Furthermore, by connecting the energy storage capacity of EV-batteries to the electric power grid, FERMATA ENERGY hopes to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy.
For more information on FERMATA, please visit www.fermataenergy.com .