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TEPCO Ventures and JTB Hawaii Invest in Adon Group to Expand Usage of Clean,
Renewable Energy in Hawaii
New Initiative Supports State of Hawaii’s Goal to Use 100 Percent Renewable Energy by 2045

Oct 04,2019
TEPCO Ventures, Inc.
JTB Hawaii, Inc.

TOKYO, October 4, 2019 — TEPCO Ventures, Inc. (TEPCO) and JTB Hawaii, Inc. (JTB Hawaii) jointly announced today that the two organizations
have invested in Adon Group for the purpose of increasing the usage of clean, renewable energy by companies in Hawaii, U.S.

TEPCO, through its subsidiary, TEPCO Innovation & Investments US, Inc., made an initial investment in Adon Group, a solar power and battery
storage operator based in Kaneohe on the island of Oahu, in September 2018.

More recently, TEPCO increased its investment in the Adon Group and made the Adon Group an affiliate, while JTB Hawaii became a new investor in Adon Group, with the objective of expanding the utilization of renewable energy solutions in commercial and industrial facilities in Hawaii.

This new initiative collectively established between TEPCO, JTB Hawaii and Adon Group will help support the State of Hawaii’s goal to be powered with 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2045.

Adon Group was founded in 1979 and started Commercial Photovoltaic EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) works by the new owner, Michael M Chen. Adon Group is a leading Hawaii provider of next-generation energy business operations combining the usage of solar power
generation facilities with battery storages using micro-grid systems. Adon Group provides renewable energy solutions to help support companies
with various business operating needs, such as air-conditioning, hot water heating, and charging of electrical vehicles, while reducing the cost to
power the usage.

TEPCO is the subsidiary of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, which is the largest utility corporation in
Japan serving tens of millions of homes and businesses. As an arm of developing creative and innovative energy services, TEPCO has been
working on cutting edge projects including but not limited to the frequency regulation, the micro-grid, the virtual power plant, the electric vehicle, the hydrogen.

JTB Hawaii is a dynamic and established leader in destination management, offering travelers from around the world an extensive array of travel
services, event planning and management, ground transportations, and merchandising in the Hawaiian Islands.

As one of its efforts to promote sustainable tourism and protection of environment, in March 2019, JTB Hawaii became the first destination
management company to introduce an electric-powered commercial bus fleet in Hawaii. Each full-size bus carries 77 passengers, reaches a top
speed of 65 miles per hour, and travels for 250 miles on a single charge. The buses operate on battery-powered energy of 440 kilowatt hours (kWh), with a projected efficiency of 1.75 kWh per mile with a full passenger load.

TEPCO and JTB Hawaii will work with Adon Group to promote renewable energy solutions and environmentally clean energy to the community in
Hawaii, to save and protect the environment for the future generations.


Outline of TEPCO
1. TEPCO Ventures, Inc.
 •Head Office Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
 •Established: 2018
 •Business Activities: Creation and investment of new businesses, and management support for these new businesses
 •Representative: Shinji Akatsuka, President
 *For more information on TEPCO, please refer to its HP (https://www.tepcoventures.co.jp/en/).

2. TEPCO Innovation & Investments US, Inc.
 •Company Registered: Delaware, U.S.A.
 •Established: 2017
 •Business Activities: Creation and investment of new businesses, and management for these new businesses in the U.S.
 •Representative: Hiroyasu Kawashima, President

Outline of JTB Hawaii, Inc.
1. JTB Hawaii, Inc.
 •Head office location: Hawaii, U.S.A.
 •Established: 1964
 •Business Activities: Destination Management; Travel, Event/Promotion, Transportation, and Trading
 •Representative: Hiroyuki Kitagawa, President
 *For more information on JTB Hawaii, please refer to its HP (https://www.jtb-hawaii.com/).

Outline of Adon Group
1. Adon Construction Inc.
 •Head office location: Hawaii, U.S.A.
 •Established: 1979
 •Business: Development and construction of solar power generation and battery storage businesses
 •Representative: Michael M Chen

2. Adon Renewables Corporation
 •Head office location: Hawaii, U.S.A.
 •Established: 2015
 •Business Activities: Procurement of equipment such as solar panels and battery storage systems
 •Representative: Michael M Chen

3. Green Vision LLC
 •Head office location: Hawaii, U.S.A.
 •Established: 2008
 •Business Activities: Operation and maintenance of solar power generation and battery storage businesses, and asset management
 •Representative: Michael M Chen
 *For more information on Adon Group, please refer to its HP (https://adon1.com/).

About TEPCO Ventures
TEPCO Ventures is a Tokyo-based wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., Japan’s largest electrical utility. The
company is exploring next-generation businesses that fuse platforms for energy and other industries. To operate such businesses, TEPCO Ventures is engaged in forming wholly owned subsidiaries under the TEPCO group and joint-venture companies with partners both in Japan and overseas.