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TEPCO Ventures and Centrica Business Solutions announce start of Demand Response operations in Kyushu area, Japan.

Mar 29,2019

TEPCO Ventures and international energy and services company Centrica announce the start of their Demand Response operations on April 1st in
Kyushu area, Japan. Using the technology-leading Demand Side Response platform FlexPond™ from Centrica Business Solutions, the goal is to
contribute to a greener Japanese electricity market, to provide more flexibility to the grid operator and to deliver significant payments to industrial

TEPCO Ventures Co., Ltd., a leader in innovation projects in the Japanese electricity market, and Centrica Business Solutions, the leading provider of innovative end-to-end distributed energy solutions, have announced the start of their Demand Response (DR) operations in Kyushu area in Japan,
starting April 1st 2019.

The shift to cleaner forms of electricity generation, leads to energy systems which are less predictable. In order to help Transmission Grid Operators with the balancing of their electricity grid, Tepco Ventures will deliver clean demand response capacity from large industrial consumers. In Europe,
DR is already actively used for supply and demand adjustment and even frequency stabilization. In Japan it is expected that such a reformed
market will be created in 2021 and that the use of DR will expand further. TEPCO Ventures will start its business in the Kyushu area, given its large amount of renewable energy connected to their power grid and the presence of many industrial areas suitable for Demand Response.

Tepco Ventures starts its Demand Response operations in the Reserve market (I’). In the near future, Tepco Ventures wants to be active in other
more advanced DR programs in Japan, already existent in Europe and the United States. Japan’s future Demand Response capability is expected to evolve from capacity-like reserves to frequency regulation, supporting the grid.

This is why TEPCO Ventures selected the multiple award-winning technology platform FlexPond™ from Centrica Business Solutions to support its
operations. FlexPond™ has an excellent track record of Demand Response operation across Europe. TEPCO Ventures expects to offer advanced
services to customers by combining TEPCO’s network operation knowledge with the advanced technologies of Centrica Business Solutions.
The intent is to support TSOs all over Japan, and to provide both commercial and industrial parties with lower energy bills, next to the deployment of other green projects in batteries, solar and wind.

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